Complete Alien Herbal Blend Sampler


Save $$$ With The Complete Alien Herbal Blend Sampler! Contains 1/2 Ounce of each:

Alien Passion Herbal Blend – Have a close encounter of the 3rd kind with this amazing herbal blend for anyone suffering from low libido, low stamina or energy, erectile dysfunction, and low mood.

Alien Dream Herbal Blend – Helpful for meditation and inducing visions or clairvoyant, dream-like states of Zen. Alien Dream Herbal Blend is great for stress relief, clarity of mind, meditation and lucid dreaming.

Alien Herbal Blend – The original Alien Herbal Blend which has been Voted the Best of the Best by returning customers. Alien Herbal is all about a deliciously energetic and uplifting blend. By far the most requested herbal blend.

Alien Sleep Herbal Blend – This unique blend of natural and organic ingredients encourages high quality, undisturbed sleep from the get go. It helps relax the body and the mind, and gets you ready for a good night sleep.

Alien Chill Herbal Blend – It quells anxiety, helps you relax and let’s your mind find a restful space without numbing you down. It promotes a heightened sense of well-being and gets you in a sociable mood.

For complete information on each of Alien’s Best Herbal Blends featured, please visit “Alien Herbal Brand” page.  Save $35.95 with this combo – Regularly priced $157.75 – It’s only $111.80!

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Recommended usage:
Sipping as a therapeutic herbal tea
Dry herb vaporize with varying temperatures at 270°F to 315°F
Smoke in a custom or ceremonial pipe, herbal roll or papers
Mixed with other herbs or herbal blends to create new mixtures

For complete information on each of Alien’s Herbal Blends featured, please visit “Alien Herbal Brand” page.

Weight 2.5 oz
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